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We prepare you for real conversations

We are an international online language school that aims to connect people from all over the world. Fight the fright and learn to speak up.

Our prices Book a trial lesson for just 3€
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From the very start, you will communicate exclusively in English. Our teachers will make it painless.

Proficient and professional teachers Small groups of up to 4 people or 1 to 1 Curriculum from Direct Language Lab

We provide a study program that guarantees the result

Optimal study plan
Live lessons
We offer 50 and 100 minute lessons twice or three times a week, in small groups or 1-to-1. Our students can also attend weekend conversation clubs.
Direct Language Lab program
Guaranteed result
Our courses prioritize conversation, with 80% of lesson time dedicated to speaking. By completing the course, you will achieve a B2-C1 level of English.
We teach you real English
Multicultural groups
Studying with international students can help you improve your ability to understand different accents and overcome any fear you may have of communicating in English.

How it works:

Try studying with Cambrity risk-free. Pay for the subscription only after the first trial lesson with a 75% discount.

Get started
1. Book your first lesson
1. Book your first lesson
Book a trial lesson for just 3 EUR.
To be or not to be 😉
2. Take your first lesson
2. Take your first lesson
Our teacher will check your English level, give you a taste of the study program and answer all your questions.
Introduction to Cambrity
3. Choose your subscription
3. Choose your subscription
Choose a subscription plan and from 3 to 14 days after the payment we will find a suitable group for you.
Start studying
4. Welcome to Cambrity
4. Welcome to Cambrity
One of our teachers will be your mentor to help you study and solve any problems you may have.
Why Cambrity?
We have the finest learning process, the most advanced study program, and the best-trained teachers. This guarantees the best result.
Cambrity is perfect 🙂

Why is Cambrity the perfect choice for you?

We have developed an optimal study system:

  • 2 or 3 lessons per week lasting 50 or 100 minutes + small and interesting homework so that you use English every day.
  • Various conversation clubs.
  • Students from diverse backgrounds are intentionally grouped together to foster a rich learning experience that not only helps them overcome language barriers but also exposes them to different accents and cultures.
  • One of our teachers will be your mentor to help you study and solve any problems you may have.
  • You study under the same program but with different teachers to understand various people.

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Our team
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We find the most professional teachers around the world

Only 20% of teachers pass the Cambrity selection and only 50% of them are offered a contract after the probationary period.
All of our teachers:

  • have a high level of English proficiency
  • conduct lessons in a positive and lively manner
  • teach using only the English language
  • are passionate about their job.
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Our main goal is to teach you how to speak and make the learning process enjoyable for you.

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