Why are we confident in the result?

Our training program is based on the direct method from Direct Language Lab, which guarantees the quality and effectiveness of learning. We focus on the development of oral speech, so students spend more than 80% of their time speaking English in every lesson.

Our program is designed so that students use English every day, thanks to lessons, small homework assignments, and conversation clubs. We make sure that our students not only know grammar and vocabulary but can also use them in everyday life.

Our teachers are professionals who know how to effectively convey knowledge and teach students to speak English. Although the teachers change in every lesson (so you understand different people and don’t get used to one teacher), the teaching is done according to the training program, which guarantees stability and quality of education.

You also have the opportunity to attend conversation clubs with students from different countries, which allows you to understand different accents and practice conversational English with different people. We make sure that our students are not afraid to speak English and can effectively communicate with people from all over the world.

We guarantee that our students will receive high-quality education and will be able to achieve their language goals. Our training program, experienced teachers, and the opportunity to practise the language by communicating with different people allow you to achieve maximum results in learning.

Guarantees: After completing 10 stages of our training program, you will have a B2 level of English. If you have fulfilled all the conditions but have not achieved the corresponding level of English, we will teach you for free.


Conditions for guarantee:
  • You finished at least 7 stages of our program and completed it.
  • You submitted all homework assignments throughout the course.
  • You passed all the exams.
  • You did not take a break from studying for more than 2 weeks and attended 90%+ of classes.
How does it work?
  • We will add you to the group.
  • Your mentor will help you work on your weak spots through homework assignments.
  • You may attend conversation clubs if you wish.
  • You must attend all classes and complete all homework assignments.